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Writing a Cover Letter

When you start your job search, it comes time to prepare a resume and write a cover letter to accompany each application. This may seem like a hard work, which sometimes becomes very exhausting and tiring. However, you must understand that a well-written and presentable cover letter is your chance to sell yourself to the employer. Do not miss your chance! Do not hesitate to list all of your academic achievements and professional knowledge and skills: it is a kind of persuasive writing.


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Your main goal in writing this paper is to convince the reader to give you a job interview. The best way to do this is to emphasize what distinguishes you from a huge number of other candidates. To make this task looking so incomprehensible for you, we offer to use some tips that will help in writing a cover letter.

  1. Stick to a simple standard format. Do not try to make your resume cover letter stand out visually by using unusual fonts, colors, etc. Your letter should stand out thanks to the content, not with its appearance.
  2. Explain to the reader why and for what purpose you are sending your resume. Tell more, whether you are applying for a summer internship, full-time or part-time. Are you interested in the following career opportunities? Be specific.
  3. If you are applying for a specific position, tell the employer how you found out about the company and vacancy. For example, if you have been keeping an eye on the company's website for openings, it indicates that you are interested in the organization’s work for a long time. It is also appropriate to mention the mate who works in an organization that invited you to apply and told you about the cover letter format.
  4. Convince the readers to look at your resume. First of all, the employer will read your cover letter, and if you cannot interest them and grab their attention within the first sentences, your candidacy may be rejected and not seriously considered. Carefully read all the specific requirements of the employer, make sure you meet them and that you have linked your experience with them, and check whether you have mentioned the fact that more detailed information about your skills and experience is presented in your resume.
  5. When writing a cover letter reflect your skills and knowledge. If you write that you have excellent written communication skills, you are literate and know how to make a speech, make sure that your letter has no typos or incorrect use of the word. If you indicate in the letter that you are enthusiastic, but it is not communicated effectively on the page, it will not work either. It is appropriate to give a specific anecdote of a time when you have confirmed your skills successfully. Anecdotes help to demonstrate your individuality in a good cover letter and highlight the information presented in your resume. You should not wait to show your personality at the interview, because the first impression an employer will get from your cover letter.
  6. Indicate what you are going to do to follow-up. If you want to call or email, let your reader know about it.

Use this cover letter tips to write a presentable paper that will raise your chances to hold the desired position. Do not forget to tailor each cover letter to the needs of a specific company, and do not be shy to list your strengths and positive attributes – it is expected that you do this in your resume and cover letter.

How to write