Cause and Effect Essay


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Writing any kind of academic paper is a difficult work. Such assignments are often difficult, but not impossible, if you invest some time and effort. Thus, the students who believe that writing essays do not provide them with high marks in the academic future, make a mistake. If you are going to get high grades, you should take up writing essay projects and selecting the cause and effect essay topics seriously. In fact, getting high grades is almost certain if you write essays with an accurate adherence to your professor’s requirements, and try to make your paper maximally presentable. In order to improve their skills, students need to work with different types of essays. For example, students often get the task to write essay writing projects exceptionally in a narrative style, while others – exceptionally in a reflective style. In this article, you will learn the basics of how to choose cause and effect essay topics and how to write a quality paper. There is a basic structure of a cause and effect essay presented below.

One should write an essay step by step, and the format is very important here. Any essay consists of three main parts: introduction, body part and conclusion. If you look at some cause and effect essay examples, you will notice that this type of essay is not an exception. This kind of writing also consists of three main parts, but some of the specific changes can be noted. For example, the introduction has to be very short and be divided into two parts. The writer introduces to the reader an essay topic and represents the cause and effect relationship on the topic.

If you still wonder how to write a cause and effect essay, look through some samples. For example, if the topic of your essay is air pollution, start your introduction with the definition of air pollution. Then explain how causes and effects of air pollution are related. The next step is to write the body of the essay. It is also divided into two parts. In the first part, the author presents the reasons, and in the second one – the effects. To make your essay clearer, you can add tables to explain causes and effects in the respective columns. Thus, when you get an assignment to write a cause and effect essay outline, you can choose your own format for writing the body of the essay, which seems appropriate to you.

Place some facts in your paper. Take dates, quotations, tables, illustrations, data and other materials that you have got when making your research. Place them in your essay to whether they support the causes or the effects.

In the conclusion, you should write a little description of larger future effects of your issue so that people can take measures prevent it.

Please note that even if your essay has already been done, it still is not ready for submission. Often, students make common mistakes that may significantly harm their grades. However, it is easy to avoid them by completing the following checklist:

  • Ask somebody to read cause and effect essays written by you to see if it is really persuasive and clear. If it is not persuasive enough you should add more evidence.
  • Check grammar and spelling.
  • Check whether your paper is fully compliant with the required formatting standard.
  • Ensure that all the citations and the References / Works Cited page are organized properly.
  • Ensure that your title page is done as it is required.
  • Take a final look at your essay to be certain that everything is actually fine.