Mastering the Art of Writing a 500 Word Essay


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Composing a 500 word essay may seem challenging at first sight, but you should keep in mind that your pessimism concerning completing the task will cause nothing but failure. Be positive about the project and take it easy! Moreover, our useful tips on how to write a 500 word essay will simplify your work.

500 word descriptive essay. What is it about?

A 500 word paper is actually a typical essay that has three parts and is aimed at providing realistic and detailed descriptions of events, objects or phenomena. This purpose can be achieved through the comparison of things or presentation of certain relations with the described object.

How long is a 500 word essay?

In your essay, you should use Times New Roman, 12-point font size, and double space. These are universal requirements applicable to college essays as well. 500 typed words constitute about a page and a half. The word count should be discussed with an instructor as it may vary.

What are the components of the essay?

Each 500 word essay should consist of the following parts:


It includes a thesis statement directly related to the topic you choose or which is assigned to you. Pay attention to selecting a suitable topic. In case you are given the topic, think of making it interesting. Students are usually given broad topics. You should consider subtopics and write the proper thesis statement.

Body. Here you should:

  • Evoke feelings and emotions of the reader using your original approach;
  • Express your feelings concerning the event/object/phenomenon to your reader;
  • Give key images;
  • Give the reader a feeling that he or she is part of the scene you are talking about.


Conclusion should consist of approximately 50 words. It must restate and summarize the most important ideas provided in the body of the essay. Any fresh argument should not be introduced in the conclusion.

How to reference a 500 word essay?

Try to see the situation through your reader’s eyes when writing your essay. Be creative. Pay attention to the research material. The credibility of information will give your paper more value. If you use a credible source, refer to it in a proper way. This will draw more attention to your essay as well as adding authenticity. Trust only those sources you are familiar with or the ones that are sure to be credible.

Use the tips mentioned above and be sure that your next essay will become that one 500 word essay example which next generation will use as a reference.