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Terms and Conditions

These terms & conditions (the “T&C” or “Terms”) govern your access and use of our Website and services at Buy-Quality-Papers.com (the “Website”). Please read them carefully.

The Website is owned and operated by Online Writing and Services sp. z.o.o. 37 Domaniewska str., lok. 2.43, Warsaw, Poland, 02-672.

We specialize in writing different types of academic papers. You can order essays, term papers, research papers, lab reports, dissertations, theses, and other pieces of writing from us. When using our writing services, you can get papers written at any academic level such as high school, college, university, MA, and PhD.

Our customers have the right to ask for a refund within the first 14 days after the deadline for their order expires. In case plagiarism is detected, customers will have the right to request a refund without any time limits. Please, attach a plagiarism report to justify your refund request. Turnitin, iThenticate, and WriteCheck are the only reliable systems for plagiarism detection. Please, do not use other unreliable systems, since they will not retrieve valid results. Such systems often detect plagiarism in quotations and citations that were correctly referenced and cannot be regarded as such. We will not accept any handwritten comments regarding plagiarism. If you ask our writers to continue the paper you have written on your own, our company will not be responsible for any plagiarism issues found in your piece of the order. We will check only those sections of the order that have been completed by our writer. If you think that the paper does not satisfy your academic demands, you can always request a refund from us. We will investigate the issue. It will take us 3-4 days to make a decision. We will inform you about it. If we find your claims to be valid, we will approve the provision of a partial or full refund.


Our customers may request a free revision within the first 2 days after the deadline for your paper. If you request a revision after the designated time frame, you will have to compensate the writer for his or her work. However, if the writer agrees to revise your paper without additional compensation, you will not be eligible for any refund. If you order a large paper (20+ pages), you will be eligible for a free revision during the first 30 days after the deadline for your work. You will not be able to use your right for a free revision, if the instructions for the revision differ from the original instructions for your paper. In addition, you will have to place an additional order, if you fail to deliver essential materials before the writer starts working on your paper. If you are still determined to request a free revision, there is a need for you to provide the writer with new time frames and deliver complete recommendations for your revision. It may take 24 hours to complete your revision. At times, it is just difficult to find a professional writer to revise your paper according to your instructions. Rest assured that we do everything to finish and deliver the revised paper to you. We kindly ask you to review your profile regularly. Our writers or support representatives may want to contact you and ask for additional information. Many customers forget to upload relevant materials on time. Many others fail to submit full instructions for their order. We will have to contact you to help the writer complete your order professionally and on time. Our writing service constantly expands the range of services for customers. Our Extended Revision service is a new option for the customers, who want to extend the period available for a free revision from 2 to 14 days. Please, note that this free revision option will not work if you change the instructions for your revision. Its cost will also depend on the cost of your paper, but it does not usually exceed 30 percent of the initial paper cost. We will not return the money you pay for Extended Revision if you end up not using it.

A Full Refund

Our customers are eligible for a full refund in a number of cases. We will approve a 100% refund, if we have accidentally charged you twice for the same order. You are entitled to inform our support representatives about this situation, and we will deal with it immediately. We will approve a 100% refund, if we fail to find a competent writer for your order. Once you receive your refund, you lose the right to use any materials we have developed and provided to you.

A Partial Refund

We can administer a partial refund to customers, who have mistakenly placed an order with a wrong number of pages. We will recalculate the amount of refund, based on our rules regarding word count. If you have made a mistake noting the writing level for your order, we may need to reduce the amount of partial refund. In addition, we will recalculate the percentage of refund in case contradictory instructions are provided. At times, the instructions provided by the customer do not match the materials uploaded for the writer, and vice versa. If you cancel the paper after we assign the writer:

Refund percentage Passed deadline
100% 10-19% of the deadline
90% 20-29% of the deadline
80% 30-39% of the deadline
70% 40-49% of the deadline
60% 50-59% of the deadline
50% 60%+ of the deadline

*We will not accept any cancellation requests if 30% of the deadline is remained and the writer has started working on the paper. If the paper was completed and uploaded, no cancellation requests will be accepted.

Late Verification

If you do not verify your financial details on time and do not answer our verification requests, we will have to delay the completion of your order, until such verification is provided. Your deadline will be calculated since the moment you verify your details. You will need to place a compensation order if you need your paper urgently.

Word Count

The standard academic rules require that a typical page contain at least 300 words. However, these requirements may vary, depending on the complexity and specificity of the order. Changes may apply to orders that are technical by nature and require numerous calculations. They also apply in case of PowerPoint presentations. A regular PPT presentation will include speaker notes under each slide, which do not exceed 100-150 words. If you need more detailed speaker notes, a compensation order will need to be placed. Regarding online tests, the number of pages and the cost of the order will be calculated, depending on the number of questions included in the test. Every 5 questions of an online test will make up one page. If your test is 30 questions long, you will have to place an order for 6 pages.

Delivery / Deadline

If you are looking for a paper that should be delivered earlier, you will have to compensate the writer for his or her efforts. We will ask you to place a compensation order. If the writer agrees to finish your paper earlier without any compensation, you will have no right to request a refund in the future. In case of lateness that was not agreed with you, you will have the right to apply for a partial refund. We will reconsider the ultimate cost of your paper according to our pricing policy. Please, review our policy for further details.

Order Type

Our customers assume complete responsibility for selecting the most appropriate type of each paper. For example, customers cannot place an order for a thesis if they need a dissertation. If you request a wrong type of the paper, you will lose your right for any refund in the future. If you need rewriting services, we will simply reword and paraphrase the original text. If you expect us to do something additionally, for example, edit the original text or do some more research, we will ask you to place a compensation order. Customers assume complete responsibility for managing communication with our writers and the support staff. We strongly encourage our customers to keep in touch with the writer and our support representatives to avoid any misunderstanding in the future.