Comparison Essay

The article below gives guidelines on how to write a comparison and contrast essay, what format, outline, structure, topics, and examples it should have.

Writing a comparison essay


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This kind of essay is mainly focused on the comparison of people, things, events, or facts. Its basic reason it to find the most significant differences or the similarities of specific facts, things, events, etc. At the beginning, the less important points are described, and up to the conclusion, the most major point is revealed. This type of essay ordinarily analyzes either only the differences or only the similarities.

How to write a comparison and contrast essay?

A well-written essay requires the corresponding essay organization. Two subjects that were chosen for the essay have to be studied carefully. The writer has to create a detailed plan that will disclose the main similarities or differences in the most thorough way possible. One of the very important essay’s aspects is coming up with a strong thesis statement. It is drastically important for a writer to keep in mind that a difference or similarity should not be discussed at all, unless there is no clear proof of it. Such a type of essay is not about someone’s opinions, but it is supposed to be based on facts only. All the presented similarities or differences must be related to the essay’s thesis statement.

Essay outline

The current section is a condensed treatment in the essay writing. The essay’s outline is only a basic description of the main rules and facts about writing such an essay. The writer should take some time to practice as much as he/she can in order to become proficient in the essay writing.

Essay structure

Essay structure completely and absolutely depends on the type of chosen similarities/differences. There are two possible options for structuring this type of essay:

Structure 1.The structure is usually used under the condition that an essay contains numerous small similarities or differences.

  1. Introduction (Includes no thesis statement. General information about the compared subjects).
  2. First person/thing presentation (The presented object without any comparisons).
  3. Second person/thing presentation (The part includes the comparison of a second person/thing with the first one).
  4. Conclusion (It is supposed to include a thesis statement that concerns the similarities or differences between the compared objects).

Structure 2. The structure is mainly used in case the paper contains a couple of large similarities or differences.

  1. Introduction (General introduction about the compared objects, and no thesis).
  2. First paragraph (Presentation of a difference or similarity in both people and objects).
  3. Second paragraph (Presentation of next difference or similarity of the chosen objects/people).
  4. Third paragraph (The pattern continues until the similarities or differences end).
  5. Conclusion (Includes the thesis statement, pointing out the similarities or differences of the compared objects).

Essay ideas and possible topics

There is a great amount of possible comparison and contrast essay topics, which are based on comparing people, things, facts or events and have an aim to find significant similarities. A special approach to choosing comparison essay topics, and a good understanding of the topic is a key element of good writing.

In case you feel uncertain when choosing an essay topic or have a lack of ideas for an essay, you are welcome to contact us and we will gladly assist you whenever you will need it.

Essay format

The discussed essay type, like all others, can be formatted in Chicago/Turabian, MLA, APA, or AMA. The used formatting depends on the picked topic, the subject area and the basic requirements of an assignment. The writer has to be consistent in following a single formatting style throughout all of the essay’s elements: headings, title, paragraphs, page numbering, indents, fonts, spacing, justifications, emphasis, footnotes (if required), references list etc. The above-mentioned rules are closely followed in any professionally written comparison essay example.