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Classification Essay Guidelines

Classification essay topics

Choosing the right categories is one of the key steps in writing a classification paper. To sort, or classify things in a logical way, it is necessary to find the topics to put them into. For instance, you need to sort books on your desk. Before you would put them on random shelves, you should decide what useful categories might be: a) books that are less used in the daily life; b) books-dictionaries that are needed for every day usage; c) brand new books that are not read yet; d) books to share with friends; e) or books that most probably will never be used or read again.


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Thesis statement of classification essays

Thesis statements usually include the theme and how it is categorized. Sometimes, the topics are named like (Theme)...(how classified)...(category) (category) (category).

For instance: Tourists in Corsica can enjoy three activities: walking, hiking, and horseback riding.

What is a classification essay?

By writing a classification essay, students’ main goal is to provide a paper with well-organized and sorted information in different categories.

How to write a classification essay:

  • Sort things into categories.
  • Remember to check whether all the categories follow the same organizing principle.
  • Include some practical examples that fit into every category.

Steps to write an effective classification essay

  1. Choose the categories. Do not leave out a critical category, be thorough. For instance, if students say water sports of Miami include sailing and snorkeling, but leave out surfing, the essay would be unfinished since surfing is Miami’s most popular water sport. On the other hand, there is no need to include too many categories that will distort classification itself. For instance, if your topic is soccer shoes, and the organizing principle is movement or running, you would not mention high heels with bowling and running shoes.
  2. Categorize by the same principle. After you choose categories, check whether they fit into one organizing standard. The organizing principle means the way you sort the groups. It is incorrect to include a different principle and start following it. In case, the chosen principle is water sports in tourism, then be attentive and do not use totally different principle, for instance, "native water sports" that would have various categories: outrigger, pearl diving, or canoe racing.
  3. Give evidence and support equally every category with some strong examples. Overall, students should write the same quantity, i.e., give the same number of patterns and cases for every category. Usually, the most important category is mentioned at the end, but it might require more elaboration.

Typical classification transitions

  • The first group, the second group, the third group.
  • The first type, the second type, the third type.
  • The first kind, the second kind, the third kind.

Keep in mind that this type of the essay required students or other writers to organize or sort ideas into categories. When writing an effective essay, it is important to organize things into categories, use the one organizing principle, and include examples of things that fit into each grouping.

There are some sample essay topics:

  • Classification of Ancient Events in the United States.
  • Sport Cars Classification.
  • Countries Classification (popularity, territory, etc.)
  • Classification of Physiological Diseases.
  • Most Popular TV Shows in the United States
7 December, 2022 in How to write