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Topics For Problem Solution Essay


Writing a problem solution essay inspires students to think critically. This essay type is suitable both for amateurs and more professional essay writers. The assignment of such kind can deal with multitude of relevant topics and suggest identifying the problem and its solution based on valid research and theory.


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Personal issue

An inexperienced writer needs some general topic in order to write a good problem and solution essay. Ask the student to reflect on some personal problem and its realistic resolution. Learners can pick up an issue from their past or present and suggest the ways of dealing with the problem. For instance, a student can write about his or her problem of being untidy in the house and suggest the creation of chore list as a possible way out.

Social issue

More professional writers will be able to cover social problem solution essay topics. Such problems can be identified with the help of research. For instance, a problem and solution essay can spot the problem of bullying at school. Students have to support the idea that it is actually a burning issue with numbers and facts. Then learners suggest a practical solution to the problem.

Local issue

Stimulating a student to spot a burning issue in his or her community is the way to focalize this wide essay topic. It encourages a student to find out what happens in the neighborhood. One problem solution essay example is about a city factory that pollutes the environment and causes health problems for local residents. Students can analyze the problem and suggest its resolution in the form of interviewing both sides to find a fair solution.

School issue

With the aim to focalize the topic further, ask learners to write a problem solution essay concerning any current problem in school. Note that the topic is fundamental enough so that even young students can cover it. For instance, students can outline the problem of unhealthy food sold in the school canteen, the negative influence of a heavy workload or the shortage of extracurricular activities at school. Students can present possible solutions to be implemented at school.

Writing topics