How to Write English Essay
How to write

How to Write a Good English Essay

Please, keep in mind that the following article is just a general guideline for those who need to write a good English essay. If you need more instructions and specifications, please, refer to your instructor, and you will get the prompt answers to all your questions. If you have some amendments to the following article, do not hesitate to let us know, and we will assist you anytime.


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English literature writing often deals with the writer`s understanding, perception and comprehension of the required text. To achieve the desired result, the writer should focus mainly on the subject of the discussion without paying attention to the unimportant items. The writers of the English essays usually base their writing process on their own assertions (ideas, feelings and emotions). This approach allows using the first person when analyzing some peculiar topic. However, using the third person is a must for almost all the academic assignments. Sometimes, the writers support their key arguments with the secondary sources (the scholarly papers that were written on the similar topics). In this case, all the copy-pasted thoughts and ideas should be cited carefully to avoid plagiarism suspicion.

If you do not know how to write an English essay, be sure to find the necessary information online. However, try to be very careful working with the online manuals since the academic standards change with every year and you can use the outdated information. The types of English assignments may vary, but all of them require professional and delicate approach. When writing on some literature topic, the writer should provide the audience with the context for the reader`s convenience. Very often, this context is mentioned in the introduction, and contains the social, economic, political and historical information about the period when the paper was written. Providing such information enables the reader to understand the key writer`s arguments better.

  • The formatting styles

Generally, the English literature assignments are written in MLA writing format. It is widely used in humanitarian and art papers because of its universality and simplicity. If you need more information about English essay format, do not hesitate to ask your professor for assistance.

  • The main writing assignments

Literature Review is the common task that is assigned to the students with the purpose to check their ability to organize the existing information regarding some particular topic in a meaningful way. Also, it helps the professors to see if the student is ready to conduct his/her own literature research.

Literary analysis: This type of assignment checks the student`s ability to think and analyze the topic assigned. The writer should focus on the textual elements, as well as on the contextual aspects of literature. The student may apply a historical analysis, a comparative analysis, or a gender analysis taking the professor`s guidelines and requirements into consideration.

Comparative analysis is applied when the student should compare and contrast two or more literature subjects. Some literature works are related, and the writer should notice all the similarities and differences of the works assigned and analyze them. However, not only the texts can be compared – the students can get the task to compare two or more characters within one story.

Poetry analysis: Such a type of English essay writing requires analyzing some peculiar poem taking into account the author`s biography, the historical context, and the literature devices. Actually, a poetry analysis is similar to literary analysis because its main goal is to understand the author`s feelings, motifs and ideas, as well as to explore the main topics of the poem. Indeed, identifying the author`s aim is crucially important to understanding his/her poetry.

Research paper: this type of academic writing requires hard work with the primary and secondary sources. It should demonstrate how the student can work with the relevant books and articles and give his/her own arguments taking into account the ideas of other people.

How to write