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The main purpose of the argumentative essay is to demonstrate the writer`s assertion (some theory, opinion, or hypothesis) about a particular fact or idea. In the argumentative essay, the writer needs to provide effective arguments that will support his views. Indeed, the art of effective argumentation is not easy to acquire for an average student. Very often, having some interesting opinion the person cannot prove it because of the lack of arguments. You have to understand that argumentative writing deals with forming logical reasons, providing workable ideas, drawing solid conclusions, and applying them to the body of the discussion. Choosing some of the vast majority of argumentative essay topics, you have to be ready for digging into the truth and providing the reader with the most informative arguments. Remember that you do not have 100% prove your point; you just have to persuade the reader that your idea is logical and has merit. No matter what argument essay topics you choose, your argumentative essays should be organized in accordance with the following manner:

  1. Begin your essay with the statement of your assertion. Be sure to catch the reader`s attention from the very first line explaining the significance of your assertion or its relation to some peculiar phenomenon.
  2. Critically review and analyze all the literature that can serve as evidence for your arguments. Propose some arguments for the opponents of your theory and try to explain why your idea is genuine.
  3. Do not hesitate to explain and illustrate why your arguments are correct. Be sure to provide effective citations that can support your arguments.
  4. Follow the classic structure of an academic essay – begin with an informative introduction, then provide a well-developed body that will be divided into several paragraphs and end your essay with a solid conclusion that will restate your key ideas.

Remember that even the most talented writers can fail their grades if their argumentative essay examples will contain a lot of grammar mistakes. Thus, proofread your essay carefully and ensure that it includes only appropriate information. Before writing your essay, you have to think about what argumentative essay topics will be interesting to your reader. For example, you can pick up one of the following contradictory topics:

  • Bullying;
  • Animal testing;
  • Democracy;
  • Natural selection;
  • Organic food.

Of course, you can choose the topic on your own, but do not hesitate to ask your professor for feedback. The main secret is that you should have your strong personal opinion on the topic chosen, and your argument essay will get you the desired result. Just remember that without the professional approach to writing argumentative essays, all your ideas will be only the assertion turning your essay into a set of unsubstantiated opinions.

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