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Accounting Essay Writing

The following article will provide you with an effective guideline on how to write a good accounting essay. Keep in mind that this is only general manual. If you want to get more clear and precise instructions, feel free to ask your professor for assistance.


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Many people believe that the accountant`s work deals with numbers only; however, it is not true. Very often, accountants have to practice their writing skills creating the good papers. Indeed, accountants have to communicate with their customers and co-workers to succeed in their career and complete the work-related duties effectively. Therefore, the accounting writing should be differentiated from the other types of academic writing by clarity and conciseness. The accounting writers need to facilitate the reading of their papers for the audience. Being an accounting major, you can be asked to write different types of papers – business letters, financial statements, memos, etc. You should understand that accounting writing includes not only the descriptive papers but also analytical and argumentative ones. Very often, the students get the task to apply the concepts learned during the accounting course or to develop some accounting strategies in the specific real-life accounting situations.

Key elements of effective accounting writing

Writing an accounting essay, you take the following things into consideration:

  • Clear purpose.

Your audience should understand the purpose of your paper clearly. First and foremost, it should be clear to you. Try to answer these questions – Why am I writing this paper? What is my goal? Why should the audience consider it effective?

  • Audience awareness

Your target audience should influence your tone and word choice. Think carefully how can you impress or persuade your readers. For example, the client expects to see a detailed accounting report instead of a simple letter. Accounting writing deals with the satisfaction of customer`s needs, and you have to guess the smallest customer`s desires.

  • Clarity.

All the accounting essay topics require easiness and simplicity. Your customer will not understand your writing if you operate the sophisticated terms. Try to make your writing style as simple as possible and your ideas easy to follow. Once again, think about your audience – What terms and definitions are clear to them? What is the field of their specialization?

  • Navigability and organization

All the key points of your essay should be properly organized. Try to avoid the logical gap since they will make getting the desired outcome impossible.

  • Perfect mechanics

Being an accountant, you have to be ready that your accounting essay will be a subject of discussion for many people. Thus, your writing style is also very important. Try to avoid grammar and spelling mistakes since they influence the content of your essay. When your essay is written, be sure to proofread it!

  • Common accounting writing types

If you want to be a professional accountant, you have to understand how to compose different types of accounting essays. There are some general guidelines that should be presented in every essay regardless its topic.

  • E-mails and letters

Indeed, e-mail is the most common form of communication in a business world. As an accountant, you will send different e-mails every day. The e-mails help to establish the connections and partnership with the customers; they introduce the changes in work or proclaim some recommendations for actions. With the help of e-mails, you can also reply to someone`s appeals. The letters may vary according to the topic of conversation, the customer`s need or your personal goals. Once sent the letter becomes a record and can help you to monitor some particular case.

  • Memos

Memos are also used with the help of e-mail. A memo is a specific type of writing that performs an informative function. We highly recommend you to include only important information in your memo.

  • Reports

Report is also a common type of accounting writing. It serves for searching and analyzing the data connected to some particular case. Usually, reports require the outside research and work with the relevant materials. The report should be divided into the several well-developed sections according to the main points of analysis. If you need to write an accounting report, be sure to end it with an executive summary.

  • Other papers

There are many other types of accounting papers. They can be summaries, analysis papers, and opinion papers. However, you should understand that a good accountant should apply a professional approach to each piece of writing.

  • Formatting style

Accounting writing does not require some specific formatting. Thus, if you need more guidelines, be sure to ask your instructor, and he/she will provide you with the necessary details of your assignment. Of course, you can always visit some writing service with the request “do my essay” and get a good grade. However, practicing your own writing and analytical skills will help you in achieving the desired goals in your career.

How to write